StaybOlizer Plus+™ Immune Victory “NEW” Encoded Formula (2 oz. Bottle)



Our bodies are in a continual rebuilding mode by design. When toxins, poisons, and invaders distort the cellular blueprint, it rebuilds problems. Safe Connect Plus+® molecular blueprint encoding acts as an “energetic guidance system,” using a specific encoded frequency remedy in a stabilized liquid oxygen. The powerful result is restoring cellular function with this unique method, thus allowing the body to increase oxygen levels while rebuilding and achieving optimal balance.

This encompassing oxygen product also helps with the expansion of the biophoton field – aiding in the process of transforming man-made EMFs.

StaybOlizer Plus+™
A unique, stabilizing oxygen supplement with over 240+ specific encoded frequencies. (Frequencies encoded through an advanced electronic encoding system with distinct sound and light waves.) Each series of frequencies contained in the atomic structure of this oxygen product represent perfectly balanced glands, organs, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, full-spectrum colors, specific remedies to deal with modern assaults on the body, and much more – to the benefit of mankind and animals!

*Now 10% Strength
*2oz Bottle with Dropper
*Enhances & Supports Metabolism
*Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Bacterial
*Detoxifies & Cleanses
*A Natural Anti-Septic
*Activated Stabilized Oxygen
* pH balanced formula
*Completely Natural Ingredients
*High bioavailability liquid oxygen works to promote overall well-being and immune function.
*Assists with Cleansing
*Made In The USA

The Safe Connect Plus+® Stayb” O” lizer Plus+™ has the potential to combat various invaders that weaken the body. It supports immune function, boosts energy, and increases mental clarity. Now that is a huge PLUS! It is the only oxygen encoded product of its kind in the world! Now you may ask, how does it help with EMFs?

We now live in an environment saturated with man-made EMFs with 5G, which is a problem. The reason why: 5G depletes oxygen. Oxygen molecules do share electrons. When we breathe in oxygen, the electrons bind to hemoglobin, which distributes oxygen to our red blood cells & vital organs. Oxygen molecules oscillate at a frequency of 60 GHz. 5G wireless networks operate at 60 GHz and higher (up to 100 GHz!). When 5G is broadcast, atmospheric oxygen absorbs the 5G radiation. When this happens, the oxygen’s electrons are impacted, making them unable to bind to hemoglobin. Carrying oxygen to the cells is disrupted—the result is oxygen deprivation.

Oxygen is a true life-giver. According to Otto Warburg – Nobel Prize Winner in 1931 for his research on cellular respiration, Oxygen deficiency said that it is the most significant cause of disease and significantly affects the immune system. It’s also a killer of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria. These bacteria cannot grow or survive with high levels of oxygen.

The StaybOlizer Plus+™ is a revolutionary liquid that helps deliver “more oxygen” and “balanced frequencies” for our optimum health. So, experience the vitality, stamina, and energetic effects of the only encoded oxygen product on the planet! Your money back if you are not satisfied.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Try it now and see the effects of this fantastic new product for yourself.


Q. How much should I take?
A. Take 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) of StaybOlizer Plus+™, 2 to 3 times daily or as needed for the average adult. Do not use a metal spoon – only plastic for measuring this product.
For best results, place the
StaybOlizer Plus+™ under the tongue for a short time (minimum 20 seconds), rinse the mouth, and swallow.

Q. When should I take StaybOlizer Plus+™
A. StaybOlizer Plus+™ should be taken on an empty stomach.
(1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating.)

Q. How long does a bottle of StaybOlizer Plus+™ last?
A. One 2-ounce bottle will last about three weeks if you take 15 drops three times a day. There are approximately 900 drops in a two-ounce bottle. A four-ounce bottle
would have, therefore, 1800 drops.

Q. How long does it take to notice results?
A. Everyone’s body is different, so some people notice results immediately,
and others may take longer to notice a difference (a month or more).

Q. Will StaybOlizer Plus+™ interfere with any nutritional supplements or medications?
A. None that we know of, but check with your doctor to be sure.

Q. Can children and animals take StaybOlizer Plus+™And if so, how much should they take?
A. We have many reports of both children and animals successfully using
StaybOlizer Plus+™. Try small amounts to see what works best, or check with a health care professional for advice.

Q. Can people with high blood pressure use the StaybOlizer Plus+™ without side effects (because of the salt)?
A. The amount of salt in the StaybOlizer Plus+™ is minimal. Thirty drops of the StaybOlizer Plus+™ contains a meager amount of sodium and if you have questions, check with your doctor.

Q. Can pregnant women take StaybOlizer Plus+™
A. We know of no problems with taking it during pregnancy. However, check with your health practitioner to be sure.

Q. What is the shelf life of the StaybOlizer Plus+™
A. It is about six months for an opened bottle and two years for an unopened bottle.

Q. How should I store StaybOlizer Plus+™
A. You can store StaybOlizer Plus+™ at room temperature. It does not
need to be refrigerated.

Q. On the StaybOlizer Plus+™ bottle, it says not to stir with a metal utensil or place it in a metal container. How will this affect me if I have metal fillings or metal dentures?
A. We have not seen or heard of any adverse reactions.

Suggested Use:

Take 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 mL) StaybOlizer Plus+™,
or between 10 – 40 drops 2 to 3 times daily.
For best results, place
StaybOlizer Plus+™
under the tongue for a short time and then swallow.


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