Micro Technology Shields™

Our Micro Technology Shields™ have been encoded and embedded with a broad field of over 240+ resonating frequencies Harmonious & Beneficial to the body. They are made using a non-toxic plant-based resin and nanocrystalline technology, which is infused with information (like a computer chip) using our proprietary Bio Resonance Technology. By transforming chaotic frequencies from electrical and wireless fields into beneficial frequencies, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless technology without bringing harm & chaos to yourself or those around you. The Micro Technology Shields™ can also be attached to your iPod, hairdryer, and other small appliances that are emitting these dangerous fields of energy. Once attached, these shields do not affect your iPod’s operation, blow dryer, or small appliances. By reformatting the micro/radio waves, the shields energetically balance the body when carried next to it or used close to the brain!

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