House Shields

Our Safe Connect Plus+® House Shields™ softens and reformats the electrical emissions in your home or office by utilizing 240+ embedded & encoded Harmonic Resonant frequencies. No longer be negatively affected by your household appliances and chaotic electrical energy. The House Shield™ thoroughly transforms the harmful electrical currents of your home or office into a natural and beneficial subtle field of energy. This energy field includes our proprietary formula of resonating frequencies vital to your health and well-being, keeping you balanced and grounded. Plug our House Shield™ into any outlet, and it will transform your entire home or office into a more balanced and beneficial space. One House Shield™ covers up to a 2000 sq ft. area per level. Available for both U.S. and European outlets. (110v & 220v) you may use a travel adapter or transformer for other countries.
Please be advised: The Shield has a censored night light which is an added feature, and it is NOT an indicator that the Shield is working. The frequencies will always be working while the House Shield remains plugged into a
live socket.

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